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Ø  Purpose :
o   to tell an event with a humorous twist and entertain the readers

Ø  Generic Structure :
1. Orientation
2. Event(s)
3. Twist

Ø  Dominant Language Features :
1. Using Past Tense
2. Using action verb
3. Using adverb
4. Chronologically arranged

Ø  Example

Last week I took my five-year old son, Willy, to a musical instrument store in my hometown. I wanted to buy him a set of junior drum because his drum teacher advised me to buy him one. Willy likes listening to music very much. He also likes asking me everything he wants to know. Even his questions sometimes seem precocious for a boy of his age. He is very inquisitive.

We went there by car. On the way, we saw a policeman standing near a traffic light regulating the passing cars and other vehicles. He blew his whistle now and then. Seeing the policeman blowing his whistle, Willy asked me at once, "Dad, why is the policeman using a whistle, not a drum ?" Hearing his unexpected question I answered reluctantly, "Because he is not Phil Collins!"
1.  What does the text talk about........
A.   Willy and his new drum
     Phil Collins and his drum
     A policeman and his whistle
     Willy's drum private teacher
     The writer's five-year old son.

2.  From the text above we know that Willy is a/n........ boy.
A.   smart.

3. Which sentence makes the text a funny story ........
A.      He is very inquisitive
      "Because he is not Phil Collins".
C.      He blew his whistle now and then
      He also likes asking me everything he wants to know
       "Dad, why is the policeman using a whistle not a drum?"


·         Purpose :
to inform readers about events of the day which are considered newsworthy or important

·         Generic Structure :
1. Newsworthy event(s)
2. Background event(s)
3. Sources

·         Language Features :
1. Short, telegraphic information about story captured in headline
2. Using action verbs
3. Using saying verbs
4. Using adverbs : time, place and manner.

·         Example


Thousand of people who had fled from their houses located on the slopes of smoldering Mount Gamkonara on Halmahera Island, North  Maluku province, could return to their homes after the authorities downgraded the vulcano’s top-alert status Monday.
        The Head of the Volcanology  Center and Geology Disaster Mitigation Agency, Surono, said that the returning residents still could not get within  three kilometers are of the volcano in  Ibu district, West Halmahera regency.
        The alert status for the volcano was downgraded because the volcano e volcano had shown less volcanic activity. Since July 10 to July 15, only to small tectonic quakes measuring below 2 of the Richter scale were recorded in the mountain and the volcano did not burst out hot lava or other volcanic materials from its crater.
        “Compared to the last Monday’s explosion, wherein the ash spewed was 4.000 above the crater, it is now only about 10 meters high”, Surono told the journalist in Bandung on Monday.
Following the volcano’s increased acivity last week, which led authorities to put it in the top
alert status, around 10.000 residents in Ibu district fled to safety. Mos of the resident were taking shelter in Shouth Ibu and Central Ibu districts.
        Surono warned the people not to get close to the volcano because small emissions of smoke could throw materials from the volcano’s crater.
        The 1.635-meter volcano has erupted 12 times since records have been kept. The last time ash and smoke streamed out of the volcano was in 1987. No casualties were reported.

1.      What is the text about?
a.       Thousands of people who return home to the Maluku volcano area
b.      The increasing activity of a number volcanic mountains in Maluku
c.       The reason for the downgraded alert status of Maluku volcano.
d.      The Head of the Volcanology Center and Geology Disaster
e.      The increasing volcanic activity of mount Gamkonora

2.       Which information is TRUE according to the text?
a.       Mount Gamkonora shows more  activity
b.      The authority downgraded the alert status.
c.       The people from Mount Gamkonora  have not returned home
d.      Two tectonic-quakes measuring 5 of the Richter scale recorded
e.      The explosions only happened during Monday with ash spewing 4.000 above the crater

3.       The height of the volcano is … Meter
a.       10.000
b.      4.000
c.       3.987
d.      1.987
e.      1.635.

Seven people were killed in a collision between a bus, a car, and a truck on Jalan sultan at 10:35 p.m. last night. The dead were all passenger of the car. The police believed the car had been trying to overtake the bus when it was struck by a truck coming from the opposite direction ? the driver of the car might not be using his lights, as the truck driver said he did not see the car approaching.
                The police said the car should not have tried to pass the bus, since overtaking is not allowed on Jalan sultan. In addition, the police reported that the car, a small Japanese  car, should not have been carrying more than five people, if the passenger had brought their identity cards, he police would have identified the names of the victims easily.

1.      The text meanly reports that there was/were......
a.       A car accident.
b.      Careless driver
c.       A small Japanese car
d.      Victims of an accident
e.      The function of an identity card

2.      What was the cause of the collision ?
a. The truck came from the opposite directions
b. The car carried more than five people
c. The truck driver didn’t use his light
d. The truck driver didn’t see the car
e. The car tried to overtake the bus.

3.       “ if the passenger had brought their identity cards , the police would have been easy to identify the names of victims.” (the last sentence ) the sentence above means........
a.       The victims’ names were not know.
b.      The victims were easy to be identified
c.       The passenger brought their identity cards
d.      The police had no difficulty  in identifying the victims
e.      It was easy for the police to identify the victims of the accident

       4.   Who said that accident was caused by the car?
             a.       The police.
             b.      The victims
             c.       The reporter
             d.      The truck driver
             e.      The bus passengers

 Female, graduation from a reputable university min.5 years of work experience
Good command of English (oral & written) computer literate (min. Word, Excel, Internet)
Please submit your complete application, resume & recent photograph not more than 10 days after this ads to: HRD PT CITRA ENERGY DEVELOPMENT
Wisma Emha Jln. WIjaya I No 11 A, Kebayoran Baru, Jakarta Selatan 12170 Fax no. 021-7207978
e-mail address: only short listed candidats will be notified
4.       What is the text about?
a.       Wisma Emha
b.      A job vacancy.
c.       A senior secretary
d.      An application letter
e.      PT Citra Energy Development

5.       The following are the requirement asked EXCEPT…
a.       Five years experience
b.      Able to operate a computer
c.       Able to speak and write in English
d.      A graduate from a reputable university
e.      Application letter should be sent ten days after this ads.
      Terima kasih, semoga bermanfaat, jangan lupa kunjungi ini juga ya Pintar

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