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Hortatory Exposition

Hortatory Exposition


Ø  Purpose:
To persuade the readers that something should or should not be the case or be done

Ø  Generic Structure:
1. Thesis
2. Arguments
3. Recommendation

Ø  Dominant Language features:
1. Using Simple Present Tense
2. Using modals
3. Using action verbs
4. Using thinking verbs
5. Using adverbs
6. Using adjective
7. Using technical terms
8. Using general and abstract noun
9. Using connectives/transition

Then what is the basic difference between analytical and hortatory exposition. In simple word. Analytical is the answer of “How is/will” while hortatory is the answer of “How should”. Analytical exposition will be best to describe “How will student do for his examination? The point is the important thing to do. But for the question” How should student do for his exam?” will be good to be answered with hortatory. It is to convince that the thing should be done

Ø  Example

Flooding in Jakarta
Jakarta is the capital city of Indonesia. It is a big city that has many buildings, offices tower, real estates and skyscrapers which make Jakarta as a beautiful city especially in the night.
Flooding is one of natural disasters in Indonesia, especially in Jakarta beside earth quake. And it is one of serious problems due to flood. 
One of the problems is, there are many citizens who like throwing away the garbage in the street, rivers, or we can say garbage is in every corner of the city. They do not care about cleanliness.  So, it makes looks a dirty city. It is a dark side of Jakarta.
The other problem is illegal house. Many people from central or east java move to Jakarta just looking for a job and they bring their family but they do not have house for their living. So they make an illegal house in the side of river in Jakarta and it makes more flooding in Jakarta.
There are many ways to decrease the flood. First of all, we must aware of flood. Do not try to throw away the garbage. And the last but not least, keep the cleanliness, because the cleanliness is a part of   belief   in Islamic religion.

1.  Based on the text above, how many reasons cause flood in Jakarta?
a.    One
b.    Two
c.    Three
d.   Four
e.    Five
2.  To whom does the writer give the suggestion? (the last paragraph)
a.    readers of the text
b.    People of Indonesia
c.    Citizen of Jakarta
d.   Writer and readers
e.    Someone in Jakarta
3.  “Real estates and skyscrapers…” (First paragraph) the italic word means…
a.    The space above the earth
b.    Where we see sun, stars and moon
c.    Outline of the earth
d.   Very high building
e.    Building of the sky
4.   “One of natural disasters” the italic word is called as…
a.    Noun
b.    Verb
c.    Adjective
d.   Adverb
e.    Compound
5.  “One of serious problems due to flood...” the italic word means…
a.    Use to
b.    Used to
c.    Have to
d.   Cause of
e.    Turn off

Being on time is a beautiful social ethic and one of great importance, as it creates efficiency in system and implies respect for one another. However, it is one the many values that is not easy for our students to learn.

Inner discipline, one that comes from an understanding of the set rules and regulation, is the highest form behavior. Most excellent school try to instill this with a loving environment. Why, even adults arrive late to meeting, work, etc. Here, we do not agree that late comers should be shut out. They can be given warnings, most of which are enough to make them try their best to reach the school on time latter .If this fails, invite the parent to school.

By Closing the gates, the school is behaving cruelly, to which we prefer not to expose our children
. Every school has responsibility to implant good educational principle, but It should be in appropriate ways. Good schools create competitive students who can organize themselves effectively in society, so that everyone gets a quality life as a result of the ethics and values learned for as long as 12 years.

Children are precious and dependent on the adult for guidance. Understanding them is the key, and to this end, both parents and schools must work hand in hand without playing the blame game.

1.what should the school do if a student can’t stop his/her habit to come late to school?
A. Punish him/her
B. Shut him/her out
C. Fail him/her
D. Talk to his/her parents 
E. Try to understand him/her

2. What does the writer think to be “the highest from of behaviour” (in the second paragraph)?
A. Respect for one another 
B. Not being late to school
C. Understanding the regulations 
D. Understanding the rules
E. Inner discipline

3.”Children are precious and dependent on the adults for guidance.”
The underlined word is closest in meaning to ….
A. Valuable
B. Excellent 
C. Clever
D. Innocent
E. Naive

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