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·         Purpose: to help readers how to do or make something completely

·         Generic Structure:
1. Goal/Aim
2. Materials/Equipments
3. Steps/Methods

·         Dominant Language Features:
1. Using Simple Present Tense
2. Using Imperatives sentence
3. Using adverb
4. Using technical terms

·         Example

                                                   LOOP THE - LOOP PAPER PLANE

Material needed
A sheet of heavy paper
A pencil
Sharp scissors
A paper clip

Here’s a paper airplane that will fly in circles.
  1. First fold the paper in half the long way.
  2. Then draw an airplane with wings and a tail on it.
  3. Next draw a line about an inch away from the fold on each side the full length of the   paper.
  4. Then cut out the airplane, but do not cut on the fold.
  5. After that spread out the airplane and colour it. You can draw airplane markings near  each wing tip.
  6. Next refold your airplane. Now fold Beach wing down along the line drawn on it.
  7. Then add a paper clip to the nose. You can change the way your airplane flies by   changing the wing shape and putting more than one paper clip on the nose.
1.  Which of the following is not true about loop-the-loop paper plane?
A.   It needs a paper clip to fly
B.   A pencil is not needed to make a line on it.
C.   If you fly it, it will fly in circles in the air
D.   The first thing to do is to fold the paper in half
2.  Which picture goes with the third method?
         A.                   B.                 C.                     D.                  

3.  The text consists of three parts. The third part functions to show readers … to make the loop-the-loop paper plane.
      A.    The steps.                                                 C.   The argument
      B.   The events                                                 D.   The explanation

4.      How many steps to make loop-the-loop paper plane?
A. Six      
B. Seven.
C. Eight
D. Nine

     5.      Which one is not needed for making loop-the-loop paper plane?
      A. Heavy paper
      B. Pencil
      C. Sharp scissor.
      D. Coloring pencil
     6.      We may conclude that …
     A. Loop-the-loop paper plane is expensive
     B. Making loop-the-loop paper plane is so difficult
     C. Loop-the-loop paper plane needs many materials
     D. We do not need many materials to make loop-the-loop paper plane.

     7.      What is the goal of the text:
    A. To make a plane
    B. To make paper plane.
    C. To make a real airplane
    D. To make a toy
     8.      After that spread out the airplane and colour it” (step 5)
       The underlined word refers to ….
    A. Airplane.
    B. Blank paper
    C. A book
    D. Paper clip
9.      First fold the paper in half the long way.
What is the synonym of the underlined word?
A. Crease.
B. Fail
C. Shelter
D. Tear

10.      Draw an airplane with wings and a tail on it.” (step 2)
What does the underlined word means?
A. Make an airplane picture.
B. Move in particular direction
C. Attract interest
D. Equal the balance

                                   Step Chocolate Cheese Cake Recipe

16 ounces cream cheese, 2 packages, softened
½ cup sugar
½ teaspoon vanilla
2 large eggs
4 ounces semi-sweet chocolate chips
1 prepared Graham cracker crust

Beat cream cheese, sugar and vanilla at medium speed until well-blended. Blend in 2 eggs. Stir in chocolate chips then pour batter into Graham cracker chust. (you may sprinkle ¼ cup mini semi sweet chocolate chips on top if you desire). Bake at 35calcius for 40 minutes, or until certer is almost set. Cool. For best results refrigerate for 3 hours.


1.      How many persons is the cake for ?
A. 2
B. 5
C. 6
D. 35
E. 2

2.      The goal of the text is to tell about . . . . .
A. how to beat cream cheese
B. how to blend sugar and vanilla
C. how to bake chocolate cheese and cake
D. how make chocolate cheese cake
E. how to make mini sweet chocolate chips

3.      The text is called a . . . . .
A. explanation
B. description
C. procedure
D. report
E. spoof

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