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·         Purpose :
o   to critique or evaluate an art work or event for a public audience

·         Generic Structure :
1. Orientation
2. Evaluation
3. Interpretative Recount
4. Evaluation
5. Evaluative Summation

·         Dominant Language features :
1. Focus on specific participants
2. Using adjectives
3. Using long and complex clauses
4. Using metaphor

·         Example

Breaking and Entering

Breaking and Entering is an unusual film. Will and Sandy are two architects working on a major urban renewal project in the King's Cross section in London. The area is unsafe and ready for such a project. Will and Sandy move their offices into a nearby vacant warehouse.

        Will has to deal with constant burglaries at his new office. One night, he saw Miro trying to break into the building. He chased Miro to his run down apartment block and watched him return home to his mother, Amira, a Bosnian immigrant who makes a living tailoring clothes. Soon, Will 'meet' Amira and they begin an affair. And Amira learns that Will holds the key of her son's future. How far will this mother go to protect her son? Breaking and Entering is a very interesting film, it is almost entirely character driven. Tis is not a bad thing although in the film we are exposed to a story or action driven.

        Anthony Minghella, the director, creates some of the most believable, interesting characters these actors have ever played. It is almost painful to watch them on their journey. Each of the characters makes decisions affecting how their lives will play out, or change and these decisions and actions affect the story. The characters aren't reacting to the story. They are changing it.

1.      The text is mainly about ....
a.  a review of a new film, Breaking and Entering
b.  the process in making the new film, Breaking and Entering
c.  an amusing story dealing with experi-ence in different ways
d.  an account of an unusual or amusing incident retold by the film
e.  the description how the film is accom-plished through a series of steps

2.      "Will and Sandy move their offices into a nearby vacant warehouse." (Paragraph 1)
The antonym of the underlined word is ....
a.  empty
b.  fulfilled
c.  covered
d.  occupied
e.  luxurious

3.      Which of the following statements is NOT TRUE according to the text?
a.  Miro is one of the burglars who tried to break into Will's new office.
b.  Will has to deal with constant burglaries at his new office.
c.  Miro is Amira's son, a Bosnian immi-grant who makes living by tailoring clothes.
d.  The area where the two architects work is unsafe and ready for a renewal pro-ject.
e.  Minghella, the critic, creates some of the most interesting character the actors have
 ever played.
Laskar Pelangi

This is a movie adapted from a best-selling Indonesian novel. It took 40 days of filming on Belitung Island, Bangka-Belitung province. Involving 12 local actors, it reportedly cost Rp 8 billion. With all the efforts of transforming Laskar Pelangi (Rainbow Warrior) into a moving picture, will it satisfy readers’ imaginations ?
Laskar Pelangi, the novel, was written by Andrea Hirata in 2005, based on his own experiences. It is about an inspiring teacher and her 10 students in the poverty-stricken Kampung Gantong in Belitung. The poor condition of their school building does not dampen their high spirits and hopes for a better future.
Two years later, the novel became a phenomenon in Indonesian literature. With its humanistic touch, Laskar Pelangi has sold more than 500,000 copies and has won the position of Must-Read Novel in every corner of the nation’s bookshops and media review pages. It has finally overcome the domination of teen-lit, chick-lit and even religious novels, the popular theme of today.
Andrea entrusted the filming of the story to the respected figures in the film industry, Mira Lesmana and Riza, as producer and film director. In July 2007, Mira and Riri started the pre-production, which took a year to finish. Together with the scriptwriter Salman Aristo they decided to create a different scenario for the film.

1.      What is the main idea of the second paragraph ?
A. ‘Laskar Pelangi’ is the story of poor people at the Bangka Belitung province
B. ‘Laskar Pelangi’ is the story of poor school children of the Belitung Island
C. ‘Laskar Pelangi’ is about poverty in Kampung Gantong in Bangka Belitung
D. ‘Laskar Pelangi’ is about an inspiring story towards a better life.
E. ‘Laskar Pelangi’ is about Andrea Hirata

2.      From the text above, we know that....
A. the movie was played by poor children
B. Andrea Hirata is the producer of Laskar Pelangi
C. the novel of Laskar Pelangi was a phenomenal work of literature
D. people like the movie better than the novel
E. people like the novel better than the movie

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